Five Reasons Hotel Jacuzzis Are Especially Gross

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Hot tubs might be relaxing, but they’re also pretty gross. That’s according to a microbiologist who just weighed in. She wrote a big piece for that talks about why Jacuzzis at HOTELS are even grosser.

Here are her five main points . . .

1. There’s definitely poop in there. Fun fact: The average person has around 100 milligrams of it hanging out between their cheeks at any given time.

That’s only around a 50th of a teaspoon. But if 50 people have used your hotel jacuzzi that day . . . well, you do the math. And it’s not just getting on your skin. You could swallow some without knowing, or even breathe it in.

2. Viruses, funguses, and bacteria love hot tubs. The temperature makes them a perfect breeding ground for things like E. coli, staph, and the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

3. People are gross. One of the main reasons hotel hot tubs are disgusting is people just don’t practice good hygiene. And the chances they showered right before they got in are slim.

4. Hotels don’t clean them enough. In general, the water in hot tubs is only supposed to be changed out once every THREE MONTHS. And a lot of hotels don’t use enough chemicals to keep them clean.

5. Those chemicals themselves are bad for you. They do kill germs, but they’re also toxic. So experts say limit yourself to a 15-minute dip, especially kids and pregnant women. Two common issues are skin irritation and stingy eyes.

And speaking of irritated eyes: That’s usually caused by chloramine . . . a chemical created when chlorine mixes with URINE or other bodily fluids. It smells a little like bleach.

So if a hotel jacuzzi has a strong bleach smell, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean. It might mean it’s extra gross.

(The Conversation)

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