Five Things Your Landlord Isn’t Required to Fix

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The good part about renting is your landlord is legally required to fix most things, and they have to pay for it. But that doesn’t include everything.

Here are a few things they DON’T always have to fix. So you might be on the hook and need to deal with them yourself . . .

1. Damage that you caused. If you’re hanging a picture and knock a hole in the wall, they don’t have to fix it. And if YOU don’t fix it, they can charge you for it when you move out.

2. Cosmetic repairs. They don’t have to fix a crack in your bathroom tile just because it looks bad.

3. Minor plumbing issues. If a pipe bursts, that’s on them. But they aren’t always required to help with things like clogged drains. If you caused the clog and they have to hire a plumber, they might even charge you for it.

4. Outdoor maintenance. It depends on your lease, but they don’t always have to pay for things like gardeners, or for someone to come shovel snow.

5. Unauthorized service calls. If you hire an electrician on your own to come fix a light, your landlord might not have to reimburse you for it. So always get their approval in writing first, or have them hire the person.


Image by Sabine Schulte from Pixabay

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