Life Hack: How to Remove a Band-Aid with No Pain

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Chattanooga, TN- The Complete Sheet

There are two schools of thought for removing band-aids: Slow and painful, or quick and painful. But what if there was a THIRD way? Some guy on TikTok posted a band-aid trick that’s supposed to let you remove them with NO pain.

So what’s the hack? Here’s a hint: Have you ever used Command Strips before?

They’re the sticky things people use to hang stuff. Their big selling point is they don’t leave a mark on your wall when you take them off. To remove them, you pull a tab at one end of the strip, so it slowly stretches its way off.

If you do it right, it doesn’t rip any paint off.

The band-aid hack works the same way. Get one end up a little, just enough to get a grip on it. Then instead of pulling it away from your skin, pull ALONG your skin so it stretches.

A bunch of people online tried it and claim it works. (We tried it on a hairy arm, and it did seem to work pretty well.)


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