Wet Nose Wednesday

Bailey 15776 & Lemmy 15775
Bailey and Lemmy are 3-year-old Lab mix siblings. They have always been together and would love to be adopted into a home where they can stay together. Bailey is sweet and playful, with a more gentle personality. Lemmy is also sweet and playful but a bit more rambunctious. He also likes to get into the kiddy pool to splash around whenever he gets the chance. Both really enjoy playing fetch and will chase the ball for as long as you will throw it. If you have the room for two loving dogs, we will be happy to introduce them to you!
Lucy 25948
Lucy is a gorgeous 8-year-old Tortoiseshell. She looks very stern in her photos, but that’s not her personality at all. She is actually quite a lovebug. She may be shy, but she’s all about some snuggling when she warms up to you. She’ll just hang out in her little bed until she knows you are ready to pet her, then she will come see you. She doesn’t mind being with other cats and may enjoy being in a home where she has some kitty friends.
Lucy CatLucy2
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