Wet Nose Wednesday

Beau 25153
Beau is a sweet and happy 4-year-old hound/boxer mix that really just wants to make you happy! He has many interests such as being petted, showing you how fast he can run around in the grass (especially when you start cheering for him), cuddling, going for car rides, and playing a friendly game of keep-away with his toys. He has a high prey drive so he’s really interested in anything that moves, such as cats, cars, and boats. He has a good time in playgroups with other tolerant, playful dogs.
Dawn 25400
Dawn is a 4-year-old grey tabby who was very shy when she first came to the shelter. Dawn has totally come out of her shell the past month in foster. She now comes running when you call her, loves to be petted, and is extremely playful. She’s full of energy and loves to play with all of her toy mice, especially at nighttime. She has a very cute quiet meow, loves to give little love bites, and is always purring. She’s an absolutely beautiful cat with the softest coat too. She is still scared easily and would probably do better in a home without young children, but she will make an amazing addition to any family lucky enough to adopt her. Since Dawn is in a foster home, please call the shelter at (423) 624-5302 to make an appointment to meet her.
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