You Think and Feel Younger Than You Are

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You know how old you are. I mean, you know what it says on your birth certificate and license, and you know that if you put that many candles on a cake they’d have to call the fire marshal.

But you don’t FEEL that old. Very few of us do.

According to a study of about 1,500 people, we tend to THINK and FEEL we’re about 20% younger than we are.

So if you’re 30, that means in your mind, you’re 24. If you’re 40, you’re in your early 30s in your head. If you’re in your 50s, you feel more like you’re in your late 30s.

Why does this happen? Psychologists have come up with all sorts of reasons but the most reasonable one is: We form so many memories as kids, teenagers, and early adults that we can’t wrap our minds around that era being so far in the past.

(The Atlantic)

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